Suara Pulau is a local NGO on Bangka Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

We want to build awareness of environmental conservation and sustainable use among people on Bangka Island in the way such as:

  • Support local schools in providing environmental conservation education from an early age
  • Train Bangka Islanders to become high quality dive guides that have an understanding of the natural underwater beauty and know how to guide and show the incredible (macro) life that exists on the slopes and pinnacles surrounding Bangka.


We have intensive communication with the school teachers at schools on Bangka Island in finding the best strategies to deliver the lessons of natural conservation to the students. We will provide lesson books at school libraries, film documentary shows, and some fun activities that can teach the students about environmental conservation.


So far, we have trained 8 Bangka Islanders to dive and how to become dive guide. More and more participants from Bangka Island are in waiting list of our training service.