Water and Sanitation
Water and Sanitation project

Villagers on Bangka do not have adequate access to clean water, although the clean water resource is abundantly available just beneath the feet of those people. They have basic wells but access to water is limited during the dry season. The piping water system that has already been established in the villages does not work well because of lack of knowledge and relatively modest financial resources needed in order to bring clean water to the surface and distribute it properly to the households using a well-managed piping systems. The trouble with the current situation is the potential effect of poor sanitation in the villages. In addition, sanitation facilities are still far than enough to meet the people's need as they, especially the children, do not have adequate good sanitation behavior that is important in their daily life. The problem of clean water access and poor sanitation has implications for health, education and human rights.

Our foundation is trying to support the improvement of clean water supply and sanitation in villages on Bangka Island. Our goals in this project are:

  •     To do repairs on basic wells and to re-construct the water storages and piping system to distribute properly to the consumers
  •     To construct sanitation infrastructure
  •     To provide basic hygiene education
  •     To promote sustainability on improved water and sanitation through expertise training in water and sanitation construction and services for several potential individuals in their own community

Our water and sanitation project is expected to be commenced in October 2013.