Suara Pulau is a local NGO on Bangka Island in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Welcome to the website of Yayasan Suara Pulau, or in English Voice of the Island Foundation.

Yayasan Suara Pulau is a local non-governmental organization working for humanitarian and environmental conservation projects. The foundation  is located on Bangka Island in North Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

Our foundation was established in 2012 and is supported by a number of resorts that are based on Bangka and neighboring Islands. Our mission is to protect the nature on Bangka Island and it surrounding area's (like the sea) and to help the people of Bangka Island gain a sustainable improved life in harmony with the nature surrounding them. Whereas, our vision is:

  1. Be involved in preventative actions to any threats that will harm the nature as well as the people on and around Bangka Island.
  2. Provide assistance to the people living on Bangka Island in gaining a better quality of life through in-kind contribution and training in the areas of water and sanitation, nature conservation, education, medical care, and livelihood/gardening.

Yayasan Suara Pulau tries to create a life in harmony using the life cycle as shown here:
Life cycle


Currently, we are in process of developing the project areas that will be implemented over time. For this year, we will focus on environmental education, and nature conservation. If you are willing to give support to our projects, then please contact us.

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