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Week 1 Coral Hero

Posted by Felicia (felicia) on Monday, 25th July, 2016
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I entered the school in the middle of a sport session. The music ran loud in the speakers, making me temporarily deaf and immediately eager to begin my program. The teachers told class 1 and 2 to enter the class room, and the children ran towards the building - screaming - overly excited that a foreigner had come to talk to them. I introduced them to Iki and Uka, two characters that I found in a children’s book from COREMAP II; a fish and a coral, working together to conserve the coastal ecosystems. We went outside to learn through playing, about how Uka forms a home for Iki, and a safe zone from all predators lurking around the oceans. In this case the predator was a hungry shark. 

In class 3 and 4 we talked about different types of beaches. We talked about ecosystems and how important it is for every part to work together for an ecosystem to function. We practiced some english, like how to introduce ourselves and our favourite type of beach, and we played some games to make sense of what we’d been learning earlier. 

In class 5 and 6 we learned to work together like an ecosystem, and we also learned what happens if one part of the ecosystem does not know how to collaborate. After that we talked about one special type of ecosystem that we have here on Bangka; Mangroves. By clapping our hands we learned how Mangrove forests protects our villages, and by comparing Mangrove trees with school, we learned how baby fishes need the mangrove forests to grow big and wise, before they enter the big and dangerous coral reef. We also learned parts of a tree in english, and tried to paint the different types of mangrove roots on the whiteboard. 

If you want to support our project, and make it possible for me to bring the children out on adventures, and to create a music coral festival, where the children will be able to show their communities what they’ve learned during our project, you can send a donation through our crowd funding page:

Thank you, and see you next week!
Terima kasih, dan sampai jumpa minggu depan!

Environmental Education Coordinator and volunteer, 
Suara Pulau 


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